There's been a lot of great moments coming out of the Thanksgiving Macy's Day Parade today, including John Legend's first ever performance during the parade and two women sharing a touching moment during a musical segment from Broadway show The Prom.

But of all the moments of the parade to get the most attention on Twitter, it's Al Roker struggling to pronounce Eevee when talking about the Pokémon floats and Super Saiyan while discussing the Goku of Dragon Ball float. Eevee is mostly commonly pronounced "E V," but Roker decided to get a little overenthusiastic with his take on the name. As for Super Saiyan? He didn't fare much better.

It didn't take Twitter long to react to his mispronunciations, but as many have noted, this is the first time anime has had a presence at the parade with Goku's appearance. Not many 64-year-old Americans are going to be aware of Goku in the same way they are with, say, Pikachu.

Regardless, check out some of the best reactions to the floats below.

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