Late capitalism is all about #content, and a new meme about the rise and grind of everyday life knows it. For as long as fuckbois have been on Twitter, people have tweeted platitudes about rising and grinding, building with their fams, and getting some bread. You’re reading Complex, which means you already know bread = money. Let’s continue.

As Daily Dot points out, a hot, but not necessarily fresh meme is now mocking this hustle mentality. It’s hard to know the true origin of this phrase, and I’d like to believe “let’s get this bread” is something our forefathers and their forefathers probably whispered to themselves every morning, but people have definitely been tweeting it out for a while.

Because Tuesday was "World Bread Day," the phrase exploded on social media this week. Peep some of the good memes below.  

Some users decided to use this meme to point out how exhausting it is to have to rise and get the bread every. single. day. Is there a pause button on all this bread getting?

At the end of the day, this meme is a reminder that we’re all subjected to the grind, whether we like it or not. The comedic relief is only a balm to the painful reality that until capitalism crumbles, we have no choice but to get this bread.