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In the unlikely occurrence that your money isn't still totally locked up from grabbing a new iPhone, Google's own yearly event went down Tuesday and predictably included a handful of ways for you to spend even more of your money.

Among other things, the Google team—as expected—chatted about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Both devices are set to arrive with a selection of upgrades from the previous generation, as that's just how this whole incremental betterment thing works.

After a Beatles-assisted intro video centered around the idea of help, Google's Senior VP of Hardware Rick Osterloh took the New York stage to talk about the team's continued efforts to utilize "the nuances of language and the intent behind the words" when boosting search and translation capabilities. Osterloh also talked up the future of Smart Compose.

"We wanna respect each user as an individual and provide them with their own personal Google," Osterloh said. 

Osterloh then wasted little time getting into the newly announced drops, including the expected Pixel 3. The Pixel Slate and the Google Home Hub were also officially announced.

Both the Pixel 3 and the 3 XL boast bigger screens, with the 3 now rocking a 5.5.-inch display while the XL bumps that up to 6.3. The phones have an all-glass black and will be available in either black, clear white, or so-called not pink (it's definitely pink) colorways. A six-month free block of YouTube Music will also be thrown in. Both models have a pair of front-facing cameras, wireless charging capabilities, and a new feature via Google Assistant that will assist in your ongoing battle against spam numbers. The fresh phones can also charge by way of the new Pixel Stand.

The Pixel camera was put to use by seven top magazine photographers, who used the device to capture high-profile covers including Cardi B's recent W shoot. The new Pixels will also make zooming a bit easier on the eyes, thanks to its Super Res Zoom feature.

The Pixel's new Playground feature will also notably feature a Childish Gambino character, which the Google team created with help from Donald Glover himself.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, both equipped with Titan security, start at $799 and $899, respectively. The Pixel Stand will set you back $79.

Hub, meanwhile, will have no camera. This is part of Google's stated purpose of allowing users to use Hub in the more private areas of their daily lives. "For life at home, we designed a smart display so you can hear and see the info you need, and manage your connected home from a single screen," Osterloh said. Hub pre-orders start today from $149.

With the ChromeOS-powered Slate, Google aimed to craft the "modern computing experience people have been asking for," and not "a phone pretending to be a computer." Creators were given a test-run with the new device, including many who shoot in Ultra HD. The Slate comes with dual "front-firing" speakers, 293 pixels per inch, split-screen capabilities, and improved Assistant features. The Slate starts at $599 and will be available later this year.

Revisit Tuesday's livestream of the Pixel 3 launch event up top for more info.