Last weekend, Desperados headed to Venice to descend down into the depths of the world’s deepest pool to create ‘Deep House’ – one of the most surreal party experiences that’s ever been envisaged.

Linking up with legendary party starters Elrow and two of the best DJs in the business in Peggy Gou and Artwork, Desperados took 400 fans raving under the water using state-of-the-art SeaTREK diving technology to party on the planet’s deepest dance floor. 

After getting kitted up and ready to get deep, party-goers were able to cut some sub-aquatic shapes while Peggy Gou and Artwork watched on behind the decks in the underwater viewing tunnel. Divers zipped across the water in front of laser light shows and the in-pool, ground-shaking, sub aqua sound system while the submerged shufflers danced in the 42 feet deep pool.

The experience wasn’t just mind-blowing for the guests either. After shelling down another expertly-crafted set, Peggy Gou opened up on what it was like to play in one of the most unprecedented gigs of her life, “I’ve been lucky enough to DJ all over the world but playing at the deepest dance floor ever at the world’s deepest pool for Desperados Deep House is an epic first for me. It was a unique experience to see people expressing themselves in their own way on the dance floor to my music! It shows if you have the right mindset, the world is your dance floor.”  
As part of the experience, Artwork created an exclusive track “Deep Down” which you can listen to below. 

Desperados used the Deep House event as a testing ground to prove that distinctive experiences positively stimulate people's minds. Working with Dr Daniel Richardson, an experimental psychologist at University College London, Desperados conducted a series of psychological tests on party-goers, which showed a 27% elevation in mood and an 30% increase in creativity, proving the mental benefits of unforgettable experiences, as well as hosting one of their most epic parties to date. 

Head to Desperados for more information on the event.