Just when you thought Times Square couldn't get any more chaotic than it already is, thousands of bees swarmed a hot dog stand on Tuesday at around 2:00 p.m., partially shutting down a New York City street.

As thousands of people around the world watched a livestream from Reuters, a large swarm of bees from an overcrowded hive landed on a small hot dog cart at 43rd Street and Broadway.

To solve the problem, a police officer geared up in a bee suit and started sucking down the bees with a vacuum. Apparently bee incidents like this are common enough in New York City to warrant an official verified Twitter account for the NYPD bee keeper. Explaining what caused the swarm, the account tweeted, "Over crowded hive on a very humid day caused them to take temporary residence while scout bees are out finding a new permanent residence."

Having a little fun with the surprise mid-afternoon event, Commissioner of the New York City Police Department James P. O'Neill tweeted a classic bee dad joke as the swarm was being vacuumed away.

New York City residents may have been reminded by a similar swarm of nearly 30,000 bees that took up residence on Times Square rooftop ledge. See footage of that below.