Over the past two years, Donald Trump's Hollywood star has been vandalized in numerous ways, including a spray-painted reverse swastika, the words "Black Lives Matter" on it, an erected surrounding concrete wall, and straight-up being smashed with a sledgehammer. And earlier this year, someone took a pickax to it. But as the star constantly gets demolished (and replaced), it's become somewhat of a spectacle for everyone else. But there's at least a few retail workers who don't appreciate it.

Forever 21 and American Eagle stores are situated right by the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. TMZ reports the stores' employees claim it's actually driving business away as people are either avoiding the crowd or getting distracted by it since it's become a major attraction on the Walk of Fame. The attraction has also been the sight of brawls between several tourists with opposing political views.

Because of that, the store owners say they've had a decline in business. American Eagle workers told TMZ that July is usually super busy—but this year, not so much. They also repeatedly call the cops when big crowds appear around the star in fear of another incident. According to Newsweek, the LAPD and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce agreed that keeping the star is the best move to deter people from attacking other stars in the future.