Someone Spraypainted a Reverse Swastika on Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Someone drew a backwards swastika on Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

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I guess Donald Trump got what he was asking for? The Republican presidential nominee has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star (for whatever reason), and someone thought it would be a good idea to deface it with a spraypainted swastika. The thing is, the swastika, which has since been removed, was painted backwards.

A Reddit user (of course) posted the photo this past Friday. The paint was removed on Saturday. 

Trump received the star back in 2007, probably for his work on The Apprentice, which he left to run his presidential campaign. This isn't the first time someone has messed with a star though. In December someone wrote "Rapist" over Bill Cosby's.

The thing is, since the swastika was drawn backwards it more closely resembles the symbol that was a originally a holy one for people practicing Buddhism and Hinduism. We're pretty certain no one was wishing Trump well though.

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