For the past week, Omarosa Manigault-Newman has made headline after headline thanks to quips from her new tell-all book Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House

As the title suggests, the book revolves around Omarosa spilling all the tea as she disclosed her private conversations, recordings, and experiences while serving under Donald Trump during his first year in office. She’s called the Donald “racist” and claimed he is in “mental decline.” She also claims he’s used the n-word repeatedly, is attempting to start a race war, and that Melania Trump is planning to divorce her husband after his term in office is over.

None of what Omarosa has been spilling is particularly shocking and much of it is notably unverified, but what is surprising is that it took so long for Trump, aka president Twitter fingers, to respond to Manigault’s book. Trump has finally addressed his feelings about Omarosa and her book, calling her a “lowlife” at his private golf club, Trump National Bedminster, in New Jersey. You can check out video of the riveting dialogue between Trump and a reporter in the video above.

Perhaps more interesting is that Trump also attacked Jeff Sessions over the weekend, calling him “scared stiff” and “Missing In Action” in a cryptic, but heated tweet. Enjoy.