A raging white woman is paying the price for allegedly assaulting a black teen and berating him and his friends at a community pool. Stephanie Sebby-Strempel is now sitting in jail at the Dorchester County Detention Center for attacking both the children and her arresting officer, according to ABC.

The incident took place on June 24 at a neighborhood pool in Summerville, South Carolina. The 15-year-old victim was one of several kids invited to the pool by a friend who lives in the neighborhood. When they arrived, Sebby-Strempel began chiding the group, telling them to leave and that they “didn’t belong.” The victim told police he and his friends were “respectful and said, yes ma’am,” but she continued to scold the teens, calling them “punks” and racial slurs.

One video of the encounter shows her referring to them as “little punks” as she threatens to call the police. The video also captured her hitting the victim three times as he was leaving the pool. Watch the video below.

The Dorchester County Sheriff's office said when police arrived the following day to arrest and charge her, she assaulted the two detectives. Sebby-Strempel pushed one officer into a wall and bit the other on the arm, breaking through the skin.

She’s been charged with one count of third degree assault and two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer.

This news follows another recent racist incident at a community pool. A black mother and daughter were harassed earlier this month when a white man approached to ask if the 5-year-old daughter was “clean enough," then starting a rant about diseases.