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Just days after a Syracuse University fraternity was suspended after a video surfaced showing its members using extremely racist language and demonstrating homophobic behavior, new videos of two white college students have sparked outrage on social media. This time, it’s two sorority sisters from William Patterson and Penn State University.

In two separate videos, both women use the N-word repeatedly. The videos, which were shared by Twitter user @seuntheactivist, can be seen below. Warning: some viewers may find this content triggering.

Officials from both schools have condemned the young women's behavior. Penn State said in a statement, "Penn State’s embrace of diversity and inclusion, and opposition to prejudice and hate, are clear. We condemn racist messages, as they are hateful and violate our institutional values. We cannot, however, impose sanctions for constitutionally protected speech, no matter how offensive."

William Paterson also released a statement, which read, "We have learned of videos on social media including one in which a William Paterson student, who is also a leader in our sorority community, makes abhorrent and racially charged statements at a non-university gathering. We are disgusted by this behavior, which does not reflect our values or those we expect from our students. University staff are investigating the matter to determine what actions are appropriate."

On Sunday afternoon, Delta Phi Sorority posted a statement to their Facebook page condemning racism, which led many to conclude it was their organization implicated in the incident. In the statement, they note that the sorority "was founded by five Jewish women who were discriminated against." 

Meanwhile, users on social media are calling for action and demanding that the students be punished.