The Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach has been shut down by police after trying to think outside of the box. Earlier this week, a video of a bikini-clad woman riding a horse inside the venue surfaced.

As you can see in the above video, as she made her way through the crowd before the horse freaked out and started bucking her off, drawing cheers from those in attendance.

The video spawned a petition, which has drawn nearly 3,000 supporters, calling for police to take action against Mokai. On Friday, city manager Jimmy L. Morales issued an order to revoke the club’s business license, calling the incident “an actual threat to public health" and something that “constitutes Cruelty to Animals.”

Press Conference with Mayor Dan Gelber regarding the incident at Mokai Lounge

— City of Miami Beach (@MiamiBeachNews) March 9, 2018

Miami Beach mayor Dan Gelber referred to Mokai’s actions as “insane stupidity and irresponsibility" in a press conference held on Friday. Mokai will face a criminal animal cruelty investigation. And what about the horse in the middle of this entire mess?

The horse would also like you to respect its privacy during this difficult time.