Thousands are calling on Donald Trump, Congress and state leaders to introduce common sense gun laws like background checks and bans on automatic weapons. But one of the latest advocates, Robert Kosasky, might catch Trump's attention since he's the headmaster of son Barron Trump's school.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, which Barron started attending last fall, joined more than 100 other schools in the DMV area to have their headmasters sign an open letter explaining the urgency to combat gun violence and to criticize Trump's idea to arm teachers with guns to deter school shootings.

"For years now, citizens of the United States have endured mass shootings, in public venues, neighborhoods and communities, houses of worship, colleges and universities, and our schools," read the letter that was published on The Baltimore Sun. "Children, our most vulnerable citizens and our hope for the future, are dying from gun violence, again and again."

It later continued: "We need a robust system of registration and background checks, with a particular eye toward weapons capable of rapidly firing a vast number of deadly shots. We need stronger mental health services and more effective communication among agencies responsible for the well-being of children, adults and families. What we do not need is to arm our teachers with guns, which is dangerous and antithetical to our profession as educator."

The letter comes after 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last month. The high schoolers have since been vocal in demanding gun control and inspired an upcoming nationwide rally, March for Our Lives, and an organized school walkout that transpired Wednesday.