Trump Steaks. Trump Water. Trump Energy Drink. Trump Home. Trump Chocolate Bars. The Trump family are super skilled at strange business ventures that ultimately fail either financially or just morally by association with the family name. On Friday, Eric Trump tweeted a photo of the family’s newest idea: Trump magazine, featuring the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. on the cover. A magazine is not necessarily a bad idea—although maybe the timing is off—but it’s hard to know what exactly this new glossy will do other than showcase the family’s real estate properties. Was the presidency not enough?

It’s not the first time the Trump family has tried to add a magazine to their dizzying list of bizarre business ventures. Both other attempts failed. TIME notes that “various” Trump publications existed between 1997 and 2009, including Trump Style and Trump World. A third, Trump Magazine, was shut down when advertising revenue took a nosedive during the recession.

We don’t know much about the new Trump Magazine beyond what Eric so gracefully shared with us via Twitter today. This issue boasts a tour of the “luxury reimagined” at the Trump D.C. hotel, a look inside the “jewel of Palm Beach,” also known as Mar-a-lago, and the so-called “ultimate New York penthouse,” which is how they refer to Trump’s Park Avenue apartment in Manhattan.

One other thing we know for sure is that this magazine will also not be winning any awards any time soon, either for its journalism (Trump hates the media, remember?), or for its popularity.