Tracy Lynn Garner, a Mississippi inmate found responsible for the death of a Georgia woman through illegal silicone buttock injections, died in prison Sunday (Jan. 14). She had served less than three and a half years of her life sentence.

In 2014, Garner was charged in the death of 37-year-old Atlanta woman Katrina Gordon. Prosecutors say Gordon was lured to Jackson, Miss. by Garner to perform the injections. Gordon had allegedly been mislead into thinking that Garner was a nurse, even though she had no medical training and was not licensed to perform such a procedure. Garner kept up the facade by wearing scrubs she'd obtained from her job as a nursing home cook. Eight days after the procedure, Gordon was rushed to an Atlanta hospital, where she later died.

Garner, who identified as trans (authorities identified her birth name as Morris Garner), was also charged with the 2010 death of a 23-year-old Selma, Alabama woman named Marilyn Hale who came to her for similar injections. It was reported that the substance being injected was some sort of black market silicone.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections said in a statement Monday that an autopsy will be done on the 58-year-old to determine the official cause of death.