The hideous Trump Tower building in New York was briefly on fire Monday morning. As the nation ingested its morning uppers, images and footage poured in showing smoke atop the architecturally abysmal eyesore:

The Trump Organization, i.e. the noted enablers of neo-Nazi normalization colloquially known as Bullshit Inc., have since issued a statement on the fire that somehow included no typos or boasts. "There was a small electrical fire in a cooling tower on the roof of Trump Tower," the organization told the Washington Post via email. "The FDNY were here within minutes and did an exceptional job. Everything is under control and no evacuations were made."

The official FDNY Twitter account later confirmed the fire was "under control."

According to CBS News, a firefighter endured minor injuries due to debris. An engineer also reportedly received minor injuries but opted to forgo medical assistance. Trump Tower was the location of both The Apprentice and Trump's David Duke–approved presidential campaign. The alleged POTUS was not on site at the time of Monday's fire, meaning he was possibly busy elsewhere rubbing Filet-O-Fish sandwiches on his hair for added sheen.

Though the fire was quickly handled by local authorities, that didn't stop people from getting off some Twitter jokes while presumably blasting "Fire Water Burn" at an unprecedented volume.