Facebook has been displaying when users were last online for years and now Instagram is exposing everyone's embarrassing social media addictions as well.

As part of a new update rolled out this week, the app will now show people who you follow or have previously messaged when you were last online from the direct messages tab. Conversely, you can see when people who you have messaged with were most recently online, or if they're currently using the app.

If you haven't noticed the new feature on your own account, here's a screenshot of the "Activity Status" via The Verge.


Of course, this means you can't blow people off and not respond to their messages because you were "too busy to use Instagram" anymore. Now, everyone will know you're actively ignoring them. Or they'll just see that you're constantly on Instagram and finally realize your life isn't as exciting as you say it is. Either way, it's understandable that lots of people aren't happy about the change.

So, how do you turn this feature off?

It's pretty simple, actually. Just select your profile tab and hit the settings icon. Then scroll down and toggle off on the "Show Activity Status."


Ok, now you can go back to your embarrassing Instagram habits without anyone else knowing about it. Enjoy.