President Donald Trump’s alleged remarks on Thursday branding countries in Africa, as well as El Salvador and Haiti, as “shitholes” that don’t deserve access to the U.S. have sparked a whirlwind of reactions, sparked resignations, and fueled even stupider dialogue. But, as is our post–2016 election curse, Hillary Clinton has now said her piece about the President’s outburst, like a responsible mother that has to discipline her racist manchild every couple of weeks. Because that’s how this country works now.

Clinton’s statement, released via tweet, called out the fact that Trump’s comments came the night before the eight-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, taking a government-estimated 300,000 lives and displacing countless others. Clinton referred to the “resilient” nature of the people of Haiti in an attempt to demonstrate that the entire country doesn’t think they come from a shithole; it’s a similar sentiment to the one shared by Anderson Cooper on CNN last night.

Clinton did not make any explicit references to the other countries Trump reportedly insulted, like El Salvador and nations in African. But she did retweet something Bill Kristol, editor-at-large at the Weekly Standard, wrote, which pointed out the cruelty of Trump’s words. Kristol pointed out that just two weeks ago, a 26-year-old American soldier sacrificed his own life to save four people from a deadly fire in the Bronx in December. Pvt. Emmanuel Mensah was a U.S. citizen who had immigrated from Ghana, “a country Donald Trump thinks produces very subpar immigrants.”

Senator Lindsey Graham—who has been accused of “dick-sucking” the President—also released a statement of his own. He was present at the border security and immigration meeting at which Trump’s racist comments were reportedly made. Graham wrote that he “said [his] piece directly to” Trump yesterday. He then went on to state the he believes “America is an idea, not defined by its people” and that the American ideal “is embraced by people all over the globe.”

Unlike Clinton, though, the Republican senator did not use his statement or Twitter platform to call out the President or stake his position on Trump’s racism. Instead, he said those in attendance at the meeting knew how he felt.

Until the next time everyone is shocked that Donald Trump said something stupid for the thousandth (2,000th?!) time, you can heed the words of Don Lemon, who had a pretty ace response to Trump’s comments from last night:

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