A little over a week ago, Hawaiian officials sent their residents into a panic when a false alert declaring an inbound missile was heading towards the state showed up on every Hawaiian's phone. It took seventeen minutes before residents were notified that it was a false alarm. Now, Hawaii's governor, David Ige, said that the delay was in part due to him forgetting his Twitter login information. Facepalm.

"I have to confess that I don’t know my Twitter account log-ons and the passwords," said Ige at a press conference, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. But at least he's since fixed that problem. "So certainly that’s one of the changes that I’ve made. I’ve been putting that on my phone so that we can access the social media directly," he continued.

After the crisis that sent Hawaii into a panic for several minutes, Gov. Ige told reporters that the incident was due to human error where an unnamed employee pressed the wrong button before leaving his shift. It wasn't until the next person grabbed their shift, a few minutes later, that they were able to catch up with the grave error.

At the time, Hawaii's emergency administrator, Vern Miyagi, took the blame for the mistake and added they would "take action to prevent this from ever happening again" by scheduling more than one person during each shift and looking into equipment changes. Little did we know, this also meant having Gov. Ige's phone remember his passwords for him too.