Turns out the n-word is alive and well in Alabama, not that we're surprised. The home state of Trump's Keebler elf, I mean Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has quite the rap sheet of institutionalized racism. So I guess it makes sense high-school teacher has been put on paid administrative leave, after she admitted to using the racial slur in her classroom. PAID leave, fam. PAID.

Shenita Morrow, a black parent at Hoover High School in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover, says her daughter, a senior at the school, was playing 2Pac’s “Dear Mama” while working on a project. According to Morrow, students were typically allowed to play music during the food-and-nutrition class. But when Teddie Butcher, a white teacher, returned to the classroom, she demanded that Morrow’s daughter “turn the nigger tunes off.” It must be hard to have good taste in music when you’re racist AF. Video of the incident had been circulating on Snapchat, but as AL.com reports, the assistant principal allegedly forced students to delete it from their phones.

At a Board of Education meeting on Monday, Superintendent Kathy Murphy said that she was told the song contained profane language. It doesn’t, as Morrow has pointed out. Naturally, Morrow expressed concern regarding the “comfort level” with which her daughter’s teacher slung the n-word around.

The teacher has since apologized to her students, but last I checked, sorry doesn’t fix stupid. According to AL.com, the incident is still under investigation. Morrow told the news outlet, “After meeting with [Butcher], it's just baffling to me how someone does not understand the severity of the weight of that word.” Us too.