While Harvey Weinstein’s multiple sexual assault allegations have somewhat faded from the news cycle behind a torrent of newer stories from multiple celebrities believed to be equally despicable—the ousted executive’s legal troubles may still be mounting. The British lawyer responsible for a civil suit against Weinstein recently indicated other potential victims might be coming forth in a group claim against Weinstein.

“I am fully expecting this to develop into a group action as other women come forward and for similar claims to be issued against other people when appropriate,” Jill Greenfield told Legal Week during a recent interview. “The next step is to wait for response from Mr. Weinstein and then ultimately to serve him.”

In November, the British personal injury firm Fieldfisher filed a civil claim against Weinstein on behalf of a client who alleged the former movie producer sexually assaulted them. Greenfield, who serves as the personal injury head and litigation partner at Fieldfisher, said she believes civil claims will also be issued against other perpetrators of sexual assault and harassment.

Stateside, Weinstein also faces at least one potential trial related to the dozens of women he allegedly sexually assaulted during a run as one of Hollywood’s most prominent producers.

Carrie Goldberg, who serves as the lawyer in actress Paz de la Huerta’s rape case against Weinstein, is leveling accusations against the Manhattan District Attorney of delaying the indictment of Weinstein.

“We’d heard that at a meeting on Wednesday, the DA NY had expressed to the NYPD their intention to stop pursuing Paz’s case,” a statement provided to USA Today by the C.A. Goldberg law firm read. “We agree with NYPD that DA NY has copious amounts of evidence and no reason to delay indictment. Consequently, we throw down the gauntlet on behalf of our client and urge DA NY to convene a grand jury by the end of next week or expect the protests to begin.”

Joan Vollero, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office has since confirmed the investigation into rape charges against Weinstein is still being conducted.