On Nov. 25, George H.W. Bush became the oldest living president in United States history at 93 years and 166 days, surpassing the previous mark set by Gerald Ford. Gabe Fleisher, a writer for the daily political newsletter "Wake Up To Politics," made the discovery, and posted the findings on Twitter. 

As you can see from the list of names, Jimmy Carter, who is still alive, sits in fourth at 93 years and 55 days. However, Fox News claimed that Carter was already dead in their own post covering Bush's milestone. "Bush, 93 years and 166 days old, outlasted the previous oldest president, Gerald Ford, who passed away at 93 and 165 days old," the post states. "Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter also died at 93."

Bush has been publicly accused of sexual assault and groping over the last couple of months. In November, a woman named Roslyn Corrigan, who was 16 years old at the time, alleges that the former president groped her during a meeting she attended at a CIA office in Woodlands, Texas in 2003. Bush was 79 at the time. It was just the one of multiple allegations made against the former president.