The internet is a pretty good thing sometimes. It's very helpful. Today I learned the location of the Ozarks after reading that that's where the upcoming third season of True Detective, starring Mahershala Ali, will take place.

Other people also use the internet to learn how to do things. Folks make a wide variety of searches from how to fix your toilet to how to make tea. You, a person in a world with internet, probably also use the popular search engine Google to conduct said searches.

Google News Lab has released a visual essay titled "How To Fix a Toilet And Other Things We Couldn't Do Without Search" by visual editor and consultant Xaquin G.V. that shows the data behind "how to" searches on Google.

The beautifully designed and interactive essay gets into the details of what people search when looking at how to do things, from "how to boil an egg" to "how to kiss," and how they differ by region. "How to tie a tie," "how to lose weight," a search that inevitably peaks every January following the entry into a new year, and "how to make money" are other common searches. The data is well presented, thorough, and fun. 

Head here to check out the fascinating interactive visual essay "How To Fix a Toilet And Other Things We Couldn't Do Without Search."