Watching a small, violent group of white supremacists storm through Charlottesville, Virginia was a painful reminder of just how deeply entrenched racism is in America. But even in these moments of darkness, there can be triumph of the human spirit, where your fellow countrymen remind you there are good people out there after all.

As it turns out, you didn't even have to leave Charlottesville to get that reminder this weekend. Jason Kessler, the organizer for the rally in Virginia this weekend, held a press conference on Sunday afternoon, ostensibly to try to salvage whatever screwed-up purpose he thought the rally might have to begin with. And then something amazing happened—the city of Charlottesville told him collectively to get the hell out.

Giving him the Game of Thrones treatment, locals harassed Kessler with chants of "Shame!" as he approached his podium, not letting him off the hook for the death of Heather Heyer, who was murdered by a driver that aimed his car at a group of counter-protesters Saturday.

Things got a lot more heated after that. With Kessler in the middle of trying to appeal to a call for free speech, onlookers swarmed him at his podium, and quite literally gave him the bum's rush out of town. For all of us who  hate white supremacists, it's beyond satisfying to watch the townspeople take over his podium, then forcing him to run away with his tail between his legs.

Seeing Kessler get treated like the garbage he was a saving grace of the weekend for many concerned Americans. It was damn near a celebration on Twitter once the video started to spread, with everyone having a laugh at his expense.


It's nothing close to justice for the pain, death, and suffering caused by people he organized, but it's inspiring to see the American people treat white supremacists in the way they deserved. Complacency is a gigantic detriment in the fight against bigotry, and at least one prominent member of the "alt-right" now knows people are going to make his life a living nightmare.