Whether you're an average citizen on the ground or a member of the rich and famous watching the world from afar, it's hard to ignore the events taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. When bigots try to intimidate fellow Americans into hiding, it's a cause that unites everyone else, regardless of what their background is.

That's one thing to take solace in during these trying times. Some of your favorite celebrities decided they would not remain silent after watching someone run over innocent civilians with a car, and they took to social media to speak out against the injustices taking place.

Understandably, some people couldn't even think about the sociopolitical implications of the protests, and instead choose to focus on the inherent sadness of the situation.

But the focus on the raw tragedy didn't last long, with many turning their sites onto Donald Trump and the failures of broader institutions. The White House took serious heat for not showing the proper amount of concern about the situation, disparaging Trump for taking as long as he did to speak up.

Trump would eventually issue a milquetoast statement on the matter, but by that time, there was a seething rage building around the country. When the president failed to call the rally what it was—a meeting of white supremacists—plenty were proud to speak up and do it for him.

With the country as divided as it is, we need every voice available to speak out against bigotry and oppression in all forms. A few tweets aren't much, but hopefully they're a small comfort to people following all this from home, knowing they have supporters all around them.

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