This is an article about a reporter getting completely fucking decked by an apparently intoxicated individual, right in the middle of a live news segment. I'm not sure what else we can really say, other than to inform you of the video of this televised punch. So, the video is up top. It's a video of someone getting punched on live TV. Do with that information what you will.

According to a CBS News report that's noticeably light on puns, the incident occurred during a live NTV broadcast from Gorky Park in Moscow Aug. 2. The NTV correspondent was attempting to deliver an update on Paratroopers' Day, the national day celebrating the Russian Airborne Troops. These celebrations include the ingestion of alcoholic beverages, which might explain this man's desire to punch a reporter for no reason whatsoever.

The puncher was ultimately arrested for punching a man who clearly wanted no part in any punching. Police said the puncher has no connections with the Airborne Troops.

Here's the full NTV segment, which—just so we're absolutely clear—ends abruptly after the reporter gets socked in the face by someone I suspect is a real joy to be around at parties:

If this variety of video is your cup of tea, why not enjoy another:

That's CBS Atlanta reporter Jeff Chirico, getting punched during a particularly tense investigative report about a tax preparation business operated by someone accused of stealing returns. The puncher in that video, however, was not believed to have partaken in drunkenness prior to landing his punch.