The iPhone 8 rumor mill has been in overdrive ahead of Apple’s highly anticipated, yet still unconfirmed release of its newest phone. Since this year marks the 10-year anniversary of Apple's first iteration of the iPhone, which changed history forever, many believe the iPhone 8 will come with a plethora of fancy new features. A recent leakwhich, by the way, Apple has only itself to blamerevealed a ton of juicy details about the new phone. Now that everyone has had time to pore over the unofficially official details, it's clear that one of the most exciting revelations from the leak is the prospect of improved camera and video quality. 

As BGR reports, the iPhone 8 camera will be upgraded to support 4K video and shoot 60 frames per second on both the front- and rear-facing cameras. Currently, the iPhone 7 can shoot in 4K, but only from the rear-facing camera and at 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, the front-facing selfie camera shoots at a measley 1080p. So, start getting ready for more high-definition selfies.

But keep in mind that the iPhone can only reveal so much. If you were really hoping to enjoy all of that 4K video magic through your mobile screen, reel it in. Apparently, the camera and video quality upgrade won't exactly be detectable on your phone; the difference will be most easily detected on big screens. 

In addition, the iPhone will also include lossless compression, meaning you'll be able to shoot more photos and videos without having to worry about it taking up all your storage.