All our beautiful faces may soon be used to unlock our equally beautiful iPhones. Thanks to the latest leak ahead of the hotly anticipated new fleet of iPhones, the chances of at least one of the latest Apple must-haves boasting a face unlock feature are starting to look pretty damn good. Ironically, this particular leak reportedly comes straight from Apple.

Apple fucked up and pushed the HomePod firmware out over the weekend, the Verge reported Sunday. Naturally, Steven Troughton-Smith and other developers have been digging into the code for items of note. Multiple lines of code mention a BKFaceDetect—BK likely meaning Biometric Kit—and an infrared camera, which many are speculating would be used for face detection in low-light situations.

There's also more rumor fuel tucked into the code regarding the much-discussed high-end model, possibly called the iPhone 8. Specifically, there's an image showing what most definitely looks like an iPhone with an almost completely edge-to-edge screen:

As for the veracity of these reports, Troughton-Smith vouched for them Sunday night as "1000 % real." 


Though the hype ahead of any given Apple unveiling is always palpable, this year's September event is particularly noteworthy due to 2017 marking the 10th anniversary of the very first iPhone's pubic debut. Apple CEO Tim Cook marked the occasion with a clever Steve Jobs reference in his tweeted tribute to the device that "changed the world."