Police have seized 119 kilos of crystal meth and $1.5 million in cash during a drug bust in South Australia last weekend. Three men were arrested and charged with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug.

Just to reiterate, the crew confiscated 119 kilos of meth – that’s the weight of a newborn elephant. 119 kilos of meth equates to 1.5 million hits of the stuff – roughly one hit for every person in Adelaide.

The sting began in early April after the Australian Border Force in Melbourne intercepted a shipping container full of meth. They substituted the packages, tracked them to a property just outside SA, and made the arrests in Adelaide. 

According to a recent wastewater analysis, SA meth consumption has soared over the past five years. SA Police Detective Chief Inspector Tony Crameri described the seizure as “very significant… [as] the South Australian community has an insatiable appetite for narcotics.” The three Heisenbergs are expected to face the Adelaide Magistrates Court later today.