Europe’s tallest and fastest roller coaster tragically took a life this weekend—a life of a pigeon.

During the opening of Spain’s Ferrari Land theme park on Friday, a man was filmed having the time of his life while riding the Red Force roller coaster. His enthusiasm was interrupted, however, when a bird swooped in out of nowhere and nailed him in the throat, splattering his face and suit with blood.

It was a literal emotional roller coaster for the man, who appeared to go from confused to shocked to appalled and then back to excitement, raising his hands in the air as if nothing happened. Thankfully, the man appeared unharmed, which is more than we can say for the pigeon.

According to Mashable, the Red Force roller coaster launches riders to 111 mph in the matter of seconds. It's also considered the star attraction of Ferrari Land, located in PortAventura Park. 

You can watch the full video above. It'll definitely make you think twice before riding in the front of a roller coaster.