A 21-year-old man evading police fell to his death after climbing out of his 11th floor window in a Brooklyn building.

Prior to climbing out of his window with a rope made of leopard print bed sheets, Jamel Chandler spent almost seven minutes on Facebook Live telling people of his plan. "Cops is at my door," he said. "They looking for me right now. They about to arrest me ... I’m about to get arrested, they’re about to lock me up. Tune in, tune in, tune in.

"I’m about to go to jail," Chandler continued, "and I ain’t been home a whole month. I’m about to jump out the window. I’m on the 11th floor. I’m about to jump, bro, jump. If you want to jump, let me know. They right there bro."

That's when Chandler proceeded to climb out of his window. A witness told the New York Daily News that Chandler's makeshift rope couldn't support his weight, and gave way around the seventh floor. He was transported to Brooklyn Hospital, where he ended up dying. None of the officers had made it into Chandler's office before he climbed out of the window, but a couple ran down when they found out about his Facbeook Live stream.

Chandler was suspected in the robbery of a livery car driver.

Officers are reportedly investigating the situation, just to make sure there was no foul play involved.