Sunshine Coast’s Brodie Gary Satterley was expecting jail time for his stint dealing meth when he was 18. Instead, Justice Ann Lyons sentenced the now 20-year-old to “three years’ jail with immediate parole”, which is legal jargon for “You're lucky as hell and can serve your three years of parole without first going to jail”. 

Justice Lyons praised Satterley’s savvy business skills after hearing that he charged interest on debts, gave price guides, and applied discounts and refunds to unsatisfied customers. He also sought reviews on his product, provided apparatuses, advertised his product and held strategy meetings.

“It obviously wasn’t the best business, but it’s a good business model,” conceded Justice Lyons. “You obviously could do very well in business because you clearly are quite intelligent.”

The court heard of Satterley’s troubled childhood, and how living with a drug-addict mother and an alcoholic and violent father normalized drug use for the young boy. He first tried meth at home with his mother’s knowledge. He left school after year 10 and was always employed. A former boss described Satterley as “motivated, hard working, with great determination”.

Not long after, Satterley took to Facebook to announce that the hearing “couldn’t of gone any better [sic]” – fingers crossed that this budding entrepreneur can stay out of trouble for the next three years.