The evidence of dogs being infinitely better than cats continues to mount. A pair of raging party dogs became the subjects of a super viral Twitter tale Thursday, which is no surprise considering they're both dogs and dogs are fucking great. The real surprise here is that these dogs don't just party when their human is away, they take said party TO THE ROOF.

Twitter user @_Cooper, a.k.a. Mic tech editorial director Cooper Fleishman, first alerted the masses to this rooftop dog party with a screenshot of a text he received from his mother on Thursday. "My neighbors' dogs just pushed out the screen window and they're on the roof," his mother said. "Dog Party!" Dog party indeed. Then came some dog party updates, all of which make this dog gathering—which is now making headlines at Uproxx and elsewhere—even more enjoyable:

When Fleishman's mother called the dog party-hosting residence, the call went unanswered. "I was hoping the dogs would jump back in and get the phone," she explained, adding that she eventually called the neighbor at work to fill her in on the dog party currently taking place atop the roof. The neighbor asked Fleishman's mother to keep an eye on the dogs as she made her way home from work. At some point, a random van drove up to the dog party and dog treats were tossed through the window in a futile effort to inspire the dogs to go back inside:

Eventually, the van left and Fleishman's mother resumed her preparation of Easter bread. When the human responsible for these partying dogs made it home, the festivities came to an end:

Later, Fleishman revealed exactly how this party came to fruition. His mother's neighbor had left the window open "just two or three inches" so the dogs would have access to fresh air. One of the dogs eventually pawed the screen away and presumably "used his head and shoulders" to slide the glass window up enough to escape, thus marking the initiation of this dog party.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE EASTER BREAD?!?!? Don't worry. Fleishman confirmed its deliciousness in a follow-up tweet Friday: