In a move that makes absolutely no sense, Durex condom brand is venturing into the fashion business.

As pointed out by Mashable, Durex India recently announced it will launch its first-ever denim line later this week. The company teased the jeans Wednesday in a Twitter video, which starred brand ambassador and popular Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

“Hi guys. Durex is launching Jeans, and I’m gonna be the first one to wear it,” Singh says in the teaser before getting behind a fitting room curtain and yelling, “Guys, this fits really well.”

It’s cheesy as hell, but it’s not like anyone is taking this seriously. Soon after Durex Jeans was announced, people went to social media to taunt the company's new business venture.

Durex India official Rohit Jindal spoke about the jean launch in sponsored post published in Brand Equity.

 “It made a lot of sense to launch Durex Jeans, which again is something strongly connected with the youth, to create a new product which is aligned to Durex’s reputation for exacting quality standards across all its categories,” Jindal said. “[…] We have got the world's best designers to draw out the very essence of Jeans keeping with the Durex style right down to the signature blue color and the 'twill' texture of the surface which gives strength and elasticity, the driving elements of the power and pleasure that come with it."

Assuming this isn’t another ridiculous publicity stunt, Durex Jeans will officially drop this Saturday.