Today is Canada Day, so a completely top-shelf Durex commercial from our continental brothers and sisters shouldn't come as a total surprise. However, this new Durex Canada ad (enjoy above) is upper echelon to an unprecedented degree — with a bevy of astutely self-aware Canada-centric jokes to prove it.

Poetically displaying the unspeakable benefits of proper lubrication, the ad centers on the activities most likely inspired by the implementation of their line of Play Pleasure Gels. Of course, Durex Japan introduced an equally titillating ad earlier this year centered on their condescendingly named True Love condoms.

In the spirit of unnecessarily levying this with some statistics, only 39 percent of high school students in America are taught how to use a condom in health class — which is my way of saying please watch this video and share it with everyone you possibly can, especially Americans.