In the latest episode from our Complex Conversations series, which took place during our first annual ComplexCon, we shine a light on activism with a panel discussion titled, "The Future of Activism: Mobilize and Make a Difference,” hosted by Rock the Vote VP of marketing and creative Luis Calderin.

Activist DeRay Mckesson, Lil B, Ilana Glazer​, and Soze CEO and activist Michael Skolnik​ came together to discuss the importance of the movement taking place right now and how social media has played into its rapid growth.

"People aren't born woke; something wakes them up. And for so many people it was a tweet, it was an Instagram post, it was a Facebook post. And I think social media has really opened up spaces for us to explore what it means to be an activist and how we tell these truths in public," Mckesson explained. "Two years ago people thought there was a problem in Ferguson; they didn't think there was a problem in America. And two years later people get that."

Mckesson latter added, "I think the test of us going forward will be can we organize in a way that actually gets us to some tangible ends." 

Another topic brought up was Lil Wayne's controversial comments on Black Lives Matter and what we should take away from it.

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