One of the UK's biggest graduate employers is taking a new approach to recruitment.

Edelman – one of the world's biggest communications and marketing firms – has rejected every single graduate application they've received this year, and asked applicants to complete an online "hunt" instead.

Everyone who applied for a graduate position at Edelman in 2017 has just received a rejection letter and been asked to "find the application" by completing a multimedia job hunt that takes them from Snapchat to Instagram and Airbnb.

In a further sign of how Edelman are ripping up the recruitment rule book, the hunt is open to anyone over the age of 16 – not just university graduates.

The assessment day after the hunt will be flexible to allow for the broad range of candidates – in terms of age and experience – that the programme promises to attract.

You can join the #betahunt for a job with Edelman here.

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