If one of your biggest fears is the actual land on Earth will become too little for the 7.5 billion (and growing) population of the world, you might need to pay attention to news that Paypal co-founder (and friend of POETUS Donald Trump) Peter Thiel has on the horizon. Thiel, the man who helped Hulk Hogan bankrupt Gawker and is reportedly eyeing a California governor bid, has been instrumental in a plan to build a city that will float on the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Daily Mail, a deal has been reached between the French Polynesian government and the Seasteading Institute (which is based on Oakland, California) to start work on "permanent, innovative communities floating at sea." The idea is that by 2020, this "floating city" would house around 300 residents, and would be a great place to work on issues like feeding the hungry, cleaning the atmosphere, curing the sick, and other lofty ideas. Why we need to work on these while also figuring out how these cities will balloon from ~300 residents to "tens of millions" by 2050 is another thing entirely.

The plan might hit some bumps in the road (ocean?), though. While the French Polynesia islands have signed "a memorandum of understanding," the deal is contingent on if this project will a) be beneficial to the local economy and b) be friendly to the environment. That's not all; if those issues are met, this project would still have to go before the local government, as well as France (seeing as they are the ones who hold the keys to that area).

Whatever the case may be, it's an interesting idea. These cities would maintain relative political independence, although they'd be tethered to a host nation. Reports say the plans call for platforms that are made out of reinforced concrete that could support three-story buildings.

The question is, if they have a fire hotel on these floating cities, could you swoop in for a weekend and enjoy what could end up being the ultimate at-sea getaway?