President-elect Donald Trump has been excessively hostile toward the media since he was campaigning for the Republican nomination, and hasn't let up since being elected. Trump targeted Vanity Fair and the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Graydon Carter, on Thursday morning, calling the magazine "dead," and predicting that Carter "will be out."

Politico reports that the tweet follows a line of criticism against Trump from Vanity Fair, which this week published a story entitled "Someone Has Finally Agreed to Perform at the Trump Inauguration" following reports that every high school marching band in Washington D.C. declined what is usually the honor of performing for a presidential inauguration. 

Vanity Fair also published a story this week about Trump's restaurant (yes, his greedy little hands have even dipped into the world of restaurants). "Trump Grill Could be the Worst Restaurant in America" was published on Wednesday.

Speaking of "little hands," Carter is credited with creating the mocking observation about Trump's hand size, according to Politico​. This insult was picked up by Marco Rubio and then Trump critics across the internet during the primaries.

But this is not the first time that Trump has gone after Carter. Trump tweeted about Carter in October 2015, calling him "grubby" and claiming Vanity Fair was "failing." Trump also predicted in this tweet that Carter would be fired in the near future

Trump went after Carter again a month later, this time calling him "sloppy" and a "total loser." 

As for Trump's claim that Vanity Fair is "dead": the magazine's owner, Conde Nast, reported a total audience of 6,934,000 for Vanity Fair in 2015.  

In a major departure from standard relations between the press and incoming (and sitting) presidents, Trump seems to enjoy publicly lashing out at media institutions, editors, and journalists who criticize him, or simply point out that he's being dishonest. Trump has attacked the New York Times, CNN, Fox, Saturday Night Live, and the Huffington Post among others. Trump has singled out Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos, Anderson Cooper, and Charles Blow among other journalists.