So it's come to this. Bereft of actual task or duty, the human beings of 2016 have found themselves collectively stumped as to the facial features of two of society's most revered public figures: Bill Murray and Tom Hanks. Don't believe me? Just look at this shit:

The photo, clearly showing a mother and her unhappy child standing next to Bill "I'm Definitely Not Tom Hanks" Murray, has everyone so flabbergastingly stumped, the New York Daily News had to reach out to the person who first shared the photo to get an official confirmation on Murray not being Hanks.

"I have noticed in the past year or so that most of the comments are about whether it's Tom or Bill," Laura DiMichele-Ross told the Daily News Wednesday. DiMichele-Ross first shared the photo to the Reasons My Son Is Crying Facebook page back in 2013, meaning there are people out there right now who may have spent as long as three years not knowing the difference between Bill Murray:

And Tom Hanks:

Naturally, Twitter and related corners of the internet have now gone entirely off the rails in the wake of this mass Murray/Hanks confusion:

Just so we're absolutely clear, I swear to David S. Pumpkins himself that the photo in question is most definitely a photo of Bill Murray, not Tom Hanks. Carry on.

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