It isn't a secret that the many Americans are worried about how Donald Trump will handle leading the country and managing his massive empire. But vice president-elect Mike Pence says he is sure Trump will be able to separate between his political obligations and his business. 

"I’m very confident that the president-elect and his extraordinary talented family are going to work with the best legal minds in this country and create the proper separation from their business enterprise during his duties as President of the United States," Pence told CBS’ Face the Nation.

Although Pence did not disclose Trump's foreign company dealings, he did note that Trump would handle both with great detail. "All of the laws pertaining to his business dealings and his service as President of the United States will be strictly adhered to and he’s set that tone from the very beginning," he continued.

Since Trump's election, the president-elect has already stated that his adult children would take over the running of his business empire, according to CBS. Even so, many eyebrows were raised on whether Trump would keep his promise of passing down his business to his family after he reportedly met with Indian business partners last week in Mumbai, according to The New York Times. Concerns were raised yet again when his daughter Ivanka Trump sat in on her father's meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in New York City. 

Pence also stated that Trump is focused on important issues as president. The vice president insisted that while in office Trump would put all his efforts into defeating radical Islam and fixing Obama's affordable healthcare act.

"President Donald Trump is going to focus on confronting and defeating radical Islamic terrorism as a threat to this country,” Pence stated. "We’re going to have a president again who will never say what we’ll never do. In President-elect Donald Trump you have someone who believes that we shouldn’t be telling the enemy what our tactics or our strategies are."