Donald Trump may want to take some pointers from his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump who politely responded to a critic on Twitter on Sunday. After getting some slack for tweeting in celebration of her son's eight month birthday, Ivanka responded in good fun and humor. 

"I cannot believe that Theodore is 8 months old today! Happy birthday little teddy bear," Ivanka shared on Twitter, with an attached image of her son Theodore James Kushner.

A Twitter user and Human and Animal Rights proponent by the name of Stephanie Corneliuessen quickly responded to Ivanka's original post with a snarky comment, supposedly bashing the first daughter for celebrating her child on a monthly basis. Ivanka happily responded with an "lol," saying "of course, you are right! Only in a baby's first year of life would a parent "celebrate" a child's birthday on a monthly basis." 

Despite her cheerful reply, Corneliuessen shortly deleted the tweet from her account, claiming that she had received "death threats for making, what I thought was a fun/sarcastic observation, that even the mother found amusing." 

Fans jumped into the discussion showing support for both Ivanka and Corneliussen. Many mothers commented on the topic, saying they too celebrated their child's birthday on a monthly basis within the first year. And after hearing of the alleged death threats against Stephanie, her friends and fans responded by sending her pictures of puppies and agreeing with her deleted tweet.