President-elect Donald Trump started his week on Twitter with a bang, first attacking a CNN reporter and then stating that burning an American flag should be punishable by "loss of citizenship or a year in jail." But because it is, in fact, legal to burn an American flag (you can chop them up and make confetti with them as far as the Constitution is concerned), a group of activists went to Trump Tower on Tuesday night to show the president-elect how they felt about his tweet with a good old fashioned flag bonfire. They compared Trump to Hitler before lighting several flags on fire.


A group of activists called NYC Revolution Club sent out a tweet on Tuesday calling for a "flag burning challenge."

And opponents of Trump then showed up outside Trump Tower in Manhattan—the site of many acts of protest throughout Trump's campaign and since his election—to set American flags on fire in spite of Trump's threat.

Burning an American flag is protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution, which is a document it might be time for Trump to finally read over once or twice. The NYC Revolution Club did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.