If Jesus Christ were alive today, we’d like to think that he’d be working to solve the world’s most critical problems—you know, things like poverty, hunger, and the Golden State Warriors’ chemistry issues. But the sad truth is, Jesus would probably spend most of his time on Instagram and Twitter, scrolling for dank memes like the rest of us. In fact, the viral ideas, jokes, and images that we call “memes” have become such a ubiquitous part of Internet culture, that they recently surpassed Christ himself in popularity online.

You read that right, people. Pepe the Frog is more popular than Jesus H. Christ.

The alarming realization emerged earlier this week, when Norwegian developer named Dominik Salonen took to Twitter and posted evidence that the word “memes” is being Googled more often than “Jesus Christ.” “WE DID IT PEOPLE,” he shouted from his virtual rooftop. “WE FUCKING DID IT. HOLY SHIT.” His findings are further proof that being an internet-obsessed millennial isn’t just a generational thing—it’s basically religion.

The good news for our Lord and Savior is that his name is still popping online around Christmas and Easter, with searches for "Jesus" spiking around those times. In other words, the son of God has basically become that old high school friend who you only hit up once a year when Facebook tells you it’s their birthday. Welp, the end is nigh. So what’s the only thing that’ll cheer us up right now? You guessed it. MEMES!


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As you were.