Donald Trump’s other son, Eric, unknowingly posed with a Trump protester wearing a “Latina Contra Trump” shirt at a North Carolina rally. The photos of  a smiling Eric (and his wife) with protesters Annie Ardelle and Ceci Ardelle have since gone viral.

The Cuban-American sisters, 23-years-old and 17-years-old respectively, attended an event in Salisbury where Eric Trump spoke. The Ardelles told Buzzfeed News it was Ceci’s idea to go to the event while Annie was “against it.” She said she finally agreed to go but couldn’t do so without making a statement, so she wrote “Latina Contra Trump” on a shirt. “Contra” is Spanish for “against.”

Ceci’s gotten over 80,000 retweets for photos of her sister Annie with the shirt, a selfie, and the photo of the Ardelles with Eric Trump and his wife Lara for which she wrote: “When you protest a Trump rally but no one realizes your shirt says "Latinas AGAINST trump" so they take pics w/ you like you're supporters.”

When you protest a Trump rally but no one realizes your shirt says "Latinas AGAINST trump" so they take pics w/ you like you're supporters

— CC (@cecicardelle) October 21, 2016

No one at the rally realized my shirt said AGAINST tr*mp... congrats, y'all played yourselves ✌🏽️✌🏽️✌🏽️

— Annie (@AnnieCardelle) October 21, 2016

The sisters told Buzzfeed News they were in “disbelief” when Trump’s people at the event called on them for a photo-op with Eric. Ceci said she couldn’t believe the staff didn’t see Annie’s shirt. “I couldn’t wrap my brain around it,” Ceci said. “We were kind of in disbelief that no one understood this protest. It really goes to show the lack of diversity in their team.”

Discussing the protest, Annie said it wasn’t about Trump being a “conservative” or “Republican” but about Trump’s “particular treatment of Hispanics and Latino immigrants in this country.” The Ardelles are currently supporting Hillary Clinton, though the sisters told The Huffington Post they originally supported Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Trump’s recent treatment of Latinos has included talking about them negatively at the final presidential debate. For one, Trump said African Americans and Latinos have “no education” and “no jobs.” The GOP nominee also warned of the “bad hombres (“Hombres” means “men” in Spanish) coming to the U.S. through the border with Mexico.  

“And people are coming through the border that are really bad hombres and bad dudes,” Trump said. “These are people that Mexico doesn’t want and other countries where they come from, they don’t want them. And in my opinion and the opinion of others, they force them over the border. Why should they take care of them? Let the United States put them in their prisons. And worse, let them just go around killing people in our streets. So we have got to stop that. We have got to stop it fast.