In a discussion on immigration during the third presidential debate on Thursday night, Donald Trump claimed America is being attacked by "bad hombres" coming across the U.S.-Mexico border

"We have some bad hombres here and we are going to get them out," Trump said. The Republican nominee also criticized Hillary Clinton's immigration reform plans, claiming that it would leave the country vulnerable to criminals and ISIS. 

This isn't the first time Trump has said "bad hombres." Previously on Wednesday, during a conversation with One America News Network’s The Daily Ledger, the presidential candidate used the term as well, name-checking people who have been murdered by undocumented immigrants. "You look at beautiful Kate [Steinle] and what’s going on like in San Francisco and Jamiel [Shaw] and so many people being killed and hurt badly," Trump said. "And people are coming through the border that are really bad hombres and bad dudes. These are people that Mexico doesn’t want and other countries where they come from, they don’t want them. And in my opinion and the opinion of others, they force them over the border. Why should they take care of them? Let the United States put them in their prisons. And worse, let them just go around killing people in our streets. So we have got to stop that. We have got to stop it fast."

Twitter wasn't feeling his "bad hombres" comment at the debate, and it quickly became a trending topic. 


Clinton is already leading Trump by 50 percent among Latinos, and this probably won't help. 

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