Twitter is Sliding Some Updates Into Your DMs

Twitter has introduced updates for DMs, including read receipts.

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Twitter announced Thursday it's rolling out some changes to direct messages, including everyone's least favorite messaging feature: read receipts. (Or at least everyone who isn't a psychopath.) Twitter is also implementing typing indicators and web previews for links sent over DM, which will make the Twitter DM experience more "dynamic." 

Twitter has been introducing a bunch of new updates recently, including adding ways for helping victims of harassment to protect themselves. And for a hot minute, the site even considered getting rid of the 140 character limit for tweets, an idea that immediately received a ton of critical feedback from tweeters. 

The new DM updates are exciting for some, but especially related to read receipts, some people are just a little peeved:

But apparently all of these ruffled DM feathers are for nothing, because Twitter users will be able to disable DM read receipts if they so please (and it sounds like they do):

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