Rose Hamid, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, said she was ejected from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s North Carolina rally Thursday while she was handing out pens that read "peace" because she was told she was a "nuisance." This marked the second time Hamid was thrown out of a Trump rally, though Hamid is far from the only person to be removed.

The 56-year-old told the Charlotte Observer she was at the rally to "put a positive image on Islam and Muslims" to contrast the way they're portrayed on TV and by Trump. Hamid said Trump has a "negative" image of Islam and Muslims, adding that he made it clear by his decision to have her escorted out.

When it came to why she was being thrown out, Hamid told the Charlotte Observer, "He said I'm a nuisance. And that I've caused problems in the past, which isn't true."

Before getting kicked out of the Charlotte Convention Center, Hamid told the Charlotte Observer she was having "great conversations" while handing out green pens reading "Salam I Come in Peace" with a rose decorating the top of the pen.

Back in January, Hamid was escorted out of a South Carolina rally, where she stood silently in protest when Trump began insinuating that Syrian refugees had ties to ISIS. Instead of handing out pens, she wore a shirt that read "Salam I Come in Peace" and a yellow star reading "Muslim," like the stars Jewish people were forced to wear to be identified during the Holocaust.

In response to Hamid’s ejection in January, Trump said, "There is hatred against us that is unbelievable. It is their hatred, it’s not our hatred."

Trump's campaign didn’t respond to Complex’s request for comment.