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If you're a person with access to both condoms and a functioning brain, then you're surely putting those sheath-shaped baby stoppers to good use. Condoms shield you from things like acute adulthood and chronic lameness (and STDs too!), so good job! We're all very proud of you. But there is just one little issue about condoms on which we can all agree: they feel too much like a condom, i.e. totally not human and kinda like ill-fitting medical gloves. Enter Shengxi Chen, an Arizona State University biochemist who believes he has the cure for society's condom woes.

"With condoms, for many, many years nobody changed them," Chen, who received a $100,000 Grand Challenges grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2014, told ASU Now. "I thought, if we make something really close to skin, people would not mind using condoms. Human skin has a lot of water; we call it hydrophilic. Most condoms are hydrophobic, but this material likes water." Chen has successfully created a material that he says "mimics human skin," an awesome upgrade that Metro notes should make the average sex-haver more inclined to use condoms on the daily.

Chen has already tested the new material, discovering that the fresh, patented condom will possess 1.7 times more tensile strength than basic-ass latex condoms. Thankfully, Chen has big plans for his impending condom revolution. "It's better than the other condoms," Chen told ASU Now. "We don't want this to just stay in the lab." Someone, anyone: please step up and get this condom out of the lab and into the hands of savvy consumers.

Still not sold on this whole condom concept? Here's what the average condom, regularly available at a supplier of things near you, is capable of:

Now imagine that, but with the added benefit of feeling just like human skin. Thank you, science.