People at the Republican National Convention can’t get enough of official GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump—they’re even bringing him into the bedroom. Pornhub released data of Cleveland porn searches, where the RNC is underway, and the results show something just as weird as Pokémon porn searches: a lot of people are looking up Trump-related porn.

Overall Pornhub reported in its findings that there’s been a 4.2 percent increase in Cleveland traffic so far during the RNC. That traffic increase mostly came from mobile devices with Pornhub saying it’s probably people visiting. About 50,000 people are expected at the convention said the RNC wrote Pornhub.  

When it comes to Trump, Pornhub revealed searches related for the presidential nominee have increased by 648 percent during the convention. “Trump” searches were up 705 percent on July 20, the day after Trump officially earned enough delegates to become the GOP nominee. Unsurprisingly, Pornhub reported a whopping 1477 percent increase in searches relating to Trump’s wife Melania on the same day. Melania was on everyone’s minds after her RNC speech on Monday was proved to be plagiarized.

Other statistics included:

  • A 204 percent increase in Muslim/Arab related searches. (Trump has openly spoken about banning Muslims from the U.S.)
  • A 8 percent increase in visits to Pornhub’s gay site in addition to a 421 percent increase in views for the “Gay-Hunks” category.
  • The 65-year and over age group saw the biggest increase in visits with 10 percent.

"Whether it's for his politics or amusing antics, people can't seem to get enough of Donald Trump," Pornhub's Vice President Corey Price said in a press release when it released its Donald Trump virtual reality porn parody Fuck Trump last month.

Guess America isn’t the only thing Trump’s making great again.