Presidential candidate Donald Trump has inspired a porn parody, or should I say, another one. You can't say you're surprised given how much Trump bragged about having a huge penis after Marco Rubio said he had small hands, in a televised debate by the way. Brought to you by Hustler, which has promised to gift the video to all Republican members of Congress, the porn parody follows Trump in search for a Vice President. Sorry, Ben Carson

Politico reports Hustler owner Larry Flynt announced the parody, titled The Donald on Monday. Hustler is most notably responsible for 2008’s Who's Nailin' Paylin about then vice presidential hopeful—and current Donald Trump endorser—Sarah Palin. 

According to Politico, Flynt said in a press release: "The downward spiral of name-calling in the GOP Presidential primary campaign is a national embarrassment and an insult to the intelligence of the American people, but it's also the perfect catalyst for the debauchery that HUSTLER Video has concocted in 'THE DONALD.' This parody is my contribution to the most entertaining Republican Party contest in recent history."

A trailer for The Donald shows "Trump" on his quest for a VP while in a "Make America Great Again" hat, naturally. And because of all those Hitler comparisons he's also seen reading Mein Kampf for Idiots at one point. There's even a cameo from Palin.

The New York Daily News reports Flynt is a registered democrat who in the past has donated to the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

The New York Daily News also reports that it was in the press release for The Donald that Flynt promised to give free copies to all Republican members of Congress. It will be available for purchase publicly on Tuesday.